It’s been a long time…

It’s been more than a year. I miss you, you know? I can’t believe I spent an entire year without your presence. You were there once and now you’re no longer here anymore. I should’ve hugged you harder the last time that I did.. Our last hug has almost worn out but i know there won’t be any more. I should’ve looked at you more closely. I never thought I’d start forgetting you. At restaurants I go and reserve a place for six, because I forget you aren’t here anymore. I buy extra tickets at times, forgetting you aren’t with me. I thought you’d come back or not go at all. I’ve never cursed the sky as much as have done since this past one year.  

There are days when I miss you so much that I cry. I cry because I always believed you’d be with me but you went away. I don’t blame you. I miss you a little too much, though. Can you come back for a bit? I promise I’ll be the best version of myself. I promise to listen to everything you say. I promise I’ll not cry as much I am right now. 


Halcyonic Mayhem

it was all so slow. Time just crawled. We could do anything. We could sit for hours and time wouldnt move. Atleast, ┬áit felt like that. It was calm, peaceful, serene, halcyonic. Who knew it wouldn’t last forever. Who knew one day we’d be running out of time. Running behind it.

It’s flying now, you know. Time. It’s causing chaos, disturbance, mayhem. We didn’t realise it’ll go so fast.

We’re happy but it’s destroying our happiness.

We’re all just in a halcyonic mayhem state of mind


The last of it all.

It didn’t wait. It’s said that it waits for none. I’m not ready. It’s going too fast. It’s like I’m on a roller coaster that’s too fast to control and is heading towards “the real world” No one is stopping it. No one. 

Will I crash and burn or will I head out, happy and victorious? Will I be a died out piece of art or an immortal masterpiece? Will I be an everlasting question or the answer to one?

This is the last of it all. This is the end of it. This is where time doesnt stand still and stare at you. Where time runs before time. Where time looks you in the eye and challenges you to catch it and starts sprinting. This is it. This is the supposed end to a beginning.



She wrapped it very carefully in bubble wrap. She then placed it in a wooden box and locked the box. Turning around she picked up a bigger, more ornamental wooden box and kept in it, the previous box. She then, locked the room so that she was hidden from spiteful eyes and placed the box in a hidden compartment of her cupboard.

Away from the world. Away from everyone’s ulterior motives. She wanted to protect it. She wouldn’t reveal it to anyone, except him. Only, he would get to see it. The one who wouldn’t break it. The one who would love it like his own. She checked the box one last time. Hoping that this wasn’t the last time she was going to see it. Hoping that it was kept safely. After all she had packed her heart away. Waiting for someone she would be able to give it to.



They’re big. They’re small. They might mean the world to someone. They might make the world of someone. They can be daunting. They can be encouraging. They’re just 26 letters. Scattered to form something comprehensible. They make you cry endlessly, they make you laugh like a hyena.

Words, they are the most powerful drug used by mankind. You inhale them, at times, almost to escape reality. They light fires in minds and squeeze out tears from the hardest of hearts. In this perfectly disarryed world, we just need to go out there and search for a word that’s ours.


11 Reasons Why You Need Help:

Yes, 11. Not 10 but 11

1. You don’t like butter chicken-
HOW can you not like butter chicken! Just how? Recent researches have shown that people who love butter chicken are happy people. Do you not want to be happy?

2. Everything you see, you synonymize with love-
Love is beautiful. Love is wonderful. Love. Love. LOVE. I get it. You love, love but that doesn’t mean I love, love or that I would want you to make me love, love. STOP.

3. You’re a selfie addict-
Let’s face it, when you see an iPhone all you want to do is take selfies. The days you bathe you take selfies (only because, mom won’t believe you otherwise.
Yeah right)
You need to stop bathing. Just a little bit of deodorant here and there and you’re done for 2 days.

4. You’re a student-
I genuinely feel bad for you. I’m a student. We all need help. *pats on your back* *sniffles* *tries not to cry*


5. You like math-
You know you need help. That subject has ruined lives and you say you like it? Huh? It fails, paralyses and numbs some of us, but you, you choose to take it’s side? WHERE IS THE HUMANITY? Tch tch tch.

6. You think a DP with smoke coming out of your mouth is cool-
You look like an idiot. Why don’t you put a picture of your lungs too. Show yourself from the inside. Right?

7. You change boyfriends/girlfriends like you change clothes-
I used to change math tutors like I change clothes. Very frequently. Very very frequently. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is not my math tutor. You need to stop being a moron.

8. You have a fake accent-
It’s annoying and you just don’t stop talking in it. If you studied in America and you’re from India then why do you have a British accent? You’re not even doing the accent right? And stop saying “DAYYAAMM” please?

9.You eat fevicol-
You need help. Stop eating that gloop, it’ll make you sick. DONT EAT IT.

10.You think being desi is not cool-
Whaty uptight idiot. If you like dal chawal instead of lentils cooked in rosewater and *insert exotic Thailand spices* served on a bed of rice, dude nothing is wrong with you. I’m not saying don’t enjoy the finer things in life but stop dissing the desi ones. The ones that make you who you are.

11.You get people added back to family whatsapp groups when they’re slyly trying to leave the group-
You just don’t believe in “live and let live”, right? You’re totally against it. Now I have to justify as to why I wanted to leave the group. Thankyou so much. Ugh



Fear. I fear that it just won’t be enough. I fear that I won’t be able to make it happen. I fear that I will fear my own fears and then just be engulfed in my own fears about my numerous fears. They asked me if fear was just the rubble that you have to cross to reach indifference, if fear was just the mountain you have you cross to reach oblivion or if fear was a lengthened shadow of ignorance? I didn’t know.